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Visual Inspection

Does your system really need cleaning? With Ultraclean's portable duct inspection system it allows our technicians to see inside duct plenums and HVAC equipment that have closed or hidden areas not ordinarily accessible to visual inspections.


Our High Tech Equipment

Remote visual inspection can be considered an extension of the human eye in the important task of determining the hygiene and mechanical condition of the HVAC systems. 

Remote inspection is more than that. The images brought back from inaccessible worksites can be electronically captured, enhanced, analyzed and a hard copy made for future reference.


Reasons for Ultraclean’s fiber optic inspection

Predator Camera

  • Response to IAQ complaints
  • Inspect old and new buildings for system performance and contamination
  • Locate debris build-up in exhaust ducts and safety devices / fire hazards
  • The health and comfort of building occupants
  • Help justify and prioritize remedial work
  • Analyze building & HVAC systems before purchase (avoid buying a "sick building:")
  • Aid in locating large deposits of bird, and insect carcasses, nests and feces in ventilation systems
  • Provide an objective third-party report



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